Do The
Can’t Be Done.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re a fresh name in the industry with an established portfolio and legacy going back more than a century. We work differently than our peers – with agility, the freedom to innovate, an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of responsibility.

Be Heard

Do What Advances Us Forward.

If all it takes is a voice to make a statement, imagine what we could say together.

We understand the importance of our employees’ input. That’s why our company culture places emphasis on each member of our team. We believe it is the collective power of all of our voices that gives us the strength to face some of our nation’s most daunting challenges. Challenges we can solve together. No matter the role our employees play within our organization, their vision, perspectives, and voices can be what initiates the world’s next groundbreaking moment.

Change The Game

Do What Inspires the Future.

Why just have a vision for the future, when you can have a hand in shaping it?

We’re unleashing growth by ensuring the freedom to innovate. Each employee is empowered to do their best and make a real impact on some of the world’s most exciting breakthroughs. We’re building something great at Peraton, and equipping our employees with the tools they need to have a hand on how the future is shaped.

Make Your Mark

Do What Others Deem Impossible.

Breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. They’re happening right now.

Just as fast as the world changes, so will its needs. At Peraton, we’re building and deploying the most advanced technology to not only transform the industry but to stay ahead of it. We’re more than a century old, yet we’ve reinvented ourselves in a way that keeps us moving fast. It’s with that approach we are able to evolve beyond the expectations of a defense company, and transform into a next generation national security company.


Do What Others Wish They Had.

Bravery isn’t defined by how high we fly. It’s defined by our decision to take flight.

Whether the industry is space, intelligence, cyber, defense, homeland security, or communications, we’re focused on our customers and most importantly – their missions. Our outcome-focused approach makes us adaptable which is essential in our quest to address our customers’ needs. At Peraton, we pride ourselves on delivering forward-thinking solutions. And as we venture into the unknown, it is our drive for protecting and promoting freedom that will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Do What Advances Your Career.

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