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At Peraton, you'll work with the best in the business to protect and promote freedom around the world.

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Your Career With Peraton

Considering a career with Peraton? Learn more from our team, in their own words, through their own lens.

Meeting great people and being given opportunities to develop have helped me grow and improve at work.

Employee Testimonial Headshot Logan


As a veteran with robust benefits, Peraton enhances this with a copay benefits that makes transition easy. I have not seen that any where else.

Employee Testimonial Headshot Sean


Peraton is mission centric but also employee centric. Our Family First program is uniquely designed to assist employees find another position within the company when their contract is completed.

Employee Testimonial Headshot Phil


Peraton really cares about their employees and I feel very valued here.

Employee Testimonial Headshot Debbie