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At Peraton, we’re at the forefront of delivering the next big thing every day. We’re the partner of choice to help solve some of the world’s most daunting challenges, delivering bold, new solutions to keep people around the world safer and more secure.

We’re not mired in the past. We look at all problems with fresh eyes. We look past the obvious to bring the best talent, tech, and ideas together to completely transform how things get done, no matter the challenge.


The scope and objectives of the Operational Planning, Implementation, and Assessment Services (OPIAS) Task Order is to provide our technical expertise supporting U.S. Government partners/clients; Combatant Commands and Interagency partners, Federal Departments and Agencies, the Defense Industrial Base, and allied and coalition partners with enhanced Information Operations (IO) and Irregular Warfare (IW) operations and to integrate Information Related Capabilities (IRC) operations across relevant domains, environments, echelons, and geographic boundaries. These services are necessary to mitigate existing and potential threats to U.S. national security interests inclusive of narcotics and human trafficking, weapons proliferation, freedom of navigation, counter-piracy, pandemics, and humanitarian crisis.

In pursuit of supporting our clients, we require the ability to recruit and bring subject matter experts (SMEs) from all areas of the Information Related Capabilities to assist in fulfilling their missions to direct and enable military operations and activities with allies and partners to increase regional security and stability in support of enduring U.S. interests. Our SMEs coupled with our messaging and assessments technical expertise will increase the ability of our OPIAS clients to coordinate, collaborate, and fuse Information Related Capabilities, Information Operations, and Irregular Warfare operations through effective information campaigns that counter malign influences.

Our Peraton Team will assist our clients in a cost-effective and collaborative approach toward achieving strategic priorities via effective coordination of activities both internal and external to the Department of Defense (DoD). We will increase Information Operations and Irregular Warfare capabilities through innovation to gain a competitive advantage over their adversaries.


Ft Meade, MD and Tampa, FL



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